Sweet Auburn Seafood

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171 Auburn Ave, Atlanta, GA

          Parking sucks but it’s worth the walk!  Remember it’s downtown Atlanta so try not to park and walk alone.  As soon as we approached the door we knew that we were in for a treat!  When we entered we were greeted with smiles, “welcome to Sweet Auburn Seafood” and good music.  The bar just drew me to it…  I was so pleased to see all the high-end liquor at the bar, I couldn’t wait to get to ordering.  They have a variety of imported and domestic beers which made me smile because so often African-American establishments only have:  Budweiser, Michelob and Heineken. They had good top shelf liquor on the bar and the bartender wasn’t afraid to pour it!  When I can go to an African-American establishment and get a high quality, strong drink, good music and a welcoming atmosphere I am definitely going back.  The bartender definitely sets the tone of the bar and this young lady did a great job, everyone at the bar was talking and laughing with one another, making meal and drink suggestions and networking.  I was in love.  I asked the bartender what her specialty was or the “house” favorite drink selection was and she said: “everything”.  Wrong answer!  I ordered a Cosmo and it came with no garnish so I was disappointed until I drank it, she didn’t short me on the liquor so I had a slight smile.  My neighbor’s drink looked so good so I told her and she informed me that she had to coach her on how to prepare and garnish her drink and my response was:  I am not going to do all that! 

          We had seafood nachos and crab cake small plates.  I believe in small plates at the bar.  The crab was scrumptious not a lot of fillers and the sauce served with it was perfect.  Now let me tell you about the nachos…  honey they had real seafood on the chips actual lobster, shrimp, crab and the cheese was perfect not overbearing, muah!  I highly recommend.  I was watching meals come out of the kitchen and when I say that everything looked fabulous I am saying that everything appeared perfect and the plates were definitely garnished.  I can’t wait to go back for brunch.  They get two thumbs up for having a brunch on Saturday and Sundays. 

          The management and owners were present and friendly and genuinely concerned about us being satisfied with our food and our service.  I appreciated that a great deal.  The restrooms were not only clean but decorated nicely and smelled good!  They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes during the week.  They have a private dining area that you can reserve for large parties.  This a great place for an adult birthday celebration.  Fairly modestly priced menu, $25 will get you whatever you want to eat for the night.  Vegan/Vegetarian options: Spinach & Kale Salad, Veggie Rolls.

I recommend this place when you are in the mood for good seafood and if you are in the downtown area for a show or concert stop by the bar before or after to get in the mood or wind-down for the evening.

Check out the pictures and the full video review…  Until our next bar “CHEERS”


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