The Gypsy Kitchen

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Such a fly, contemporary eating spot and upscale watering hole. A great place to have a birthday dinner, take an out-of-town guest or meet a friend for drinks. I like being entertained and treated well! When I sat down they immediately gave us filtered water and this is at the bar I loved that. The cute little menus are folded on the bar and the tables and getting your water gives you time with no pressure to figure out what type of dining experience you want to have, I like this. The menu is filled with exotic, tasty options. We shared some Duck Tacos at the bar and at previous sitting we had the Monk Fish which was an enlightening experience for our eyes, taste buds and stomach! Do something different!! You can’t eat chicken wings all your life!!

I really enjoyed my bar experience the huge bull in the center of the bar grabbed and kept my focus and the upscale, top shelf liquor on the bar kept me smiling. The people around the bar were definitely diverse which made me feel comfortable, however the bar staff wasn’t diverse and were not friendly enough to me and my partner for my liking… I am pretty easy to please I think, but my first bartender was short and seemed to be patronizing us to hurry and get to the other side of the bar where she really wanted to be, that made me sad… I grabbed the bartender that was laughing and engaging in conversation with the couple sitting not far from me that just happened to look like me. It all ended well.

The bathrooms are amazing, like I could have been served my food in there amazing! Parking is downstairs and Valet only, $7. It was raining and I got wet running for cover, I wasn’t happy and I feel like if I am forced to Valet they should have umbrellas. Walking through the restaurant to the restroom all I could think about is when I wanted to return and who I wanted to invite to enjoy a dining experience with me, I am an art and deco junkie and this place had me on a real high, I just hope the wait staff is better than the bar staff!! ☺


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