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They have five locations and are really popular Cuban/Spanish spots that also has a Mexican section on their menu. The food is good, extremely authentic and flavorful and visually tantalizing as well. Look let me tell you the service…. Honey chile I don’t know if it’s the culture or what, but the customer service sucks. These had to be the most inattentive, un-energetic, boarder line rude servers Ever!

The restrooms are mediocre, basically clean. They have plenty of seating inside and outside and plenty of parking. I am glad they had a bar, the drink was ok and necessary. The Texas Margarita was ok… It was pre-made. The warm chips and freshly made salsa were great. I don’t prefer paying at the register, I like paying at my seat and leaving. The Paella was fresh filled with seafood and other meats, the onions and peppers were great. This might be their signature dish. Now the Arroz Con Pollo, half chicken with rice, onions tomatoes, peppers man the seasoning is nice! I actually look forward to going again and trying something different at another location hopefully the service is better. My meal and a drink were under $20. I do think that the price point is good, especially since the food is so tasty, but honey that bad service… booo!


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