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It was previously called the Ultimate the name changed a couple years ago. I wouldn’t say it is the ultimate spot its just a spot to go to, before they start charging. I don’t believe that bars should charge you to enter to then pay more money for food, drinks, tips, hookahs and games ect. Before the ratchet charging to enter begins the food is actually pretty good: fried lobster tail & crab claws are my favorite. If you want the best service consistently then sit at the bar. The unfortunate part is the really good bartenders don’t come until the evening! There is a click of good bartenders that work here and they usually work together they engage the customers at the bar, make great drinks have a lot of personality and make sure that your food is right before they hand it to you, they earn their tips! If you don’t get them you get what I got the day I went… Had to send food back, 3 ketchup bottles on the bar were empty, glasses dirty, never got water… looked up and bartender was on the mechanical bull! The food was good: crab claws, fried green tomatoes, broccoli as always you just have to go through a lot to get to it. A guy at the bar took care of our tab, that happens a lot as well which also gives this location extra points.

The parking is great, it is free and there is a lot of it. They have two sets of bathrooms which is good because it greatly reduces wait time, however there was no tissue and they were nasty this day and it was the middle of the day and not very busy, when you would assume they were clean. The music is good and there are a lot of TV monitors that show a variety of things including videos to correlate with the music being played. The waitresses are dressed like upscale Hooter’s girls and some of those sisters should NOT be in those uniforms, but you know they say Thick is It. This is a place to go to if you are in the mood for this type of environment… men, grown men pants might be sagging, many will have on baseball caps, the women including the wait staff sometimes look like they want to fight or will fight! Come early 4-7, you won’t have to pay to get in you will eat good food enjoy a hookah hear good music and get yourself in the mood to hang out with your adult friends in a more mature environment ☺


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