Cooking Couture Atlanta is a family Business created from a Dream the CEO had to keep an integral part of her culture and family history alive. Cooking & Dining together builds bonds and families. Baking from scratch is a lost art. Building a business with your family not only strengthens your relationship it builds community and makes friends family.

Ardra Sinett has been twirling around the Atlanta food scene for the last 10+ years carving out a niche and lane all her own; this unique celebrity food entertainer has baked cakes for everyone from Recording Artist, TV personalities to President Obama. She has been on several TV cooking competition shows to appearing as an actress portraying a chef on TV dramas…

She has her own Cooking, Life-Style and Home Décor Show: “Cooking Couture Atlanta” currently streaming on several different online platforms. She is a vibrant personality that brings excitement and a fiery energy to food entertainment that has an incredible, memorable lasting effect on her audience that keeps followers yearning for more! She is a “Showme-Peach”, coming to Atlanta from St. Louis over 25 years ago she has her paperwork proving her Honorary Peach Status. Graduate of the University of Kansas, she has one lovely daughter and a beautiful granddaughter. Author, professional speaker and SAG actress. Watch her turn a simple meal prep into a fun, engaging experience that makes anyone feel like they can be a gourmet chef in their own house tonight!

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