CEO / Chef, Ardra Sinett

After loosing a multi-million dollar business enterprise from weak leadership, with nothing more to loose ☺️ I decided to be me, Authentically! I redefined my life mission and began to pursue my true passion:

Inspiring & Entertaining People!

I found the most powerful and effective way for me to execute this was through Intentional Feeding! Feeding on Purpose and not just because we have to eat. I wanted to give my love, peace, loyalty, gratitude, trust, commitment, spirituality, intentionality, community and restoration in a meal and on a plate & into souls…

Cooking, Baking & Presenting Food with Sincere Passion really touches Peoples Souls… “Soul-Food” ? Now let’s put some Purpose behind that Presentation and The Shomo Experience was Manifested!

Come Join Us For A Class

In Person Class

Our Favorite Way To Communicate Is In Person! We Love A Genuine Authentic Exchange Of Energy! We Host Classes At A Studio In The Buckhead Area of Atlanta, Georgia

Online Inspiration

We encourage and demonstrate to individuals & groups how to organize & create different charcuterie/grazing spread displays

Our mission

To Encourage People To
On Purpose With
Positive Spiritual Intention

Baker turned chef • Speaker • Author • Entertainer

We Have To Be Intentional With Purpose

Eating is spirItual
Eating With Someone Is An Exchange Of Energy. Breaking Bread With Someone Is An Unspoken Covenant Between The Two+. Let’s Be Intentional, Let’s Consciously Bestow Goodwill Upon One Another!
10 Power principles
To Spiritually Thrive Purposefully You Have To Have Standards That You Intentionally Strive Towards. The Boards Are Engraved With The Principles I Uphold. Let’s Engage With Purpose!
The shomo experience
An Opportunity To Intentionally Gather & Graze With A Purpose Pick A Sentiment/Board for Charcuterie or Serving The Energy Of That Sentiment Will Permeate The Gathering!
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